The Truth Post: Accurate and Relevant News


The first decentralized newspaper with trustlessly curated articles, powered by Ethereum, Kleros and crypto-economic techniques. The incentive mechanism will incentivize authors to publish articles that are accurate and relevant to communities' interests. Curators will be incentivized to curate articles according to accuracy and relevance, honestly, entirely in a transparent decentralized process. What's left for reader is to enjoy distilled information.


  • News we have now is suffering because of fake-news.
  • Lack of incentivization to make news in the public interest.
  • Centralized fact-checking is only sweeping the fake-news problem under the rug.
  • Intermediaries are taking lion's share of news reporting revenues, which is another disincentive for publishing quality news articles.


  • Pseudonymized: authors can remain pseudonymous to exercise freedom of speech while accumulating reputation.
  • Incentivized: authors are incentivized to publish accurate and relevant articles according to the curation policy that is defined by communities.
  • Credibly-neutral: completely transparent fact-checking and curation, eliminating trust requirement.
  • Decentralized: fully crowd-sourcing publishing and curating, without any trust assumptions.
  • Direct: authors to readers directly, no intermediaries to feed.


  • Curation pools: similar to subreddits, users can define their own curation pools, essentially to define what's relevant to them.
  • Curation weighted rewards: curators score articles according to their relevance. Authors earn rewards with respect to relevancy scores.
  • Trust scores: similar to bug-bounty programs, articles will be published with a collateral, and accumulate trust scores with respect to collateral size. In case the article gets debunked (proved inaccurate), collateral will be awarded to debunker.
  • Pseudonymous reputations: authors will be accumulating reputations pseudonymously.
  • Statistical analysis: correleation of trust scores and debunk rate will reveal likelihood of an article getting debunked, statistically.


The project is evolving fast. We are building an MVP and it's live at In this version, the smart contract is only supporting accuracy curation, so we are working on the next version to support relevancy curation as well.